Zubby Michael meets Iconic Nollywood actor Hank Anuku

Zubby Michael and Hank Anuku
Zubby Michael and Hank Anuku

Fast rising Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael and iconic star, Hank Anuku have been spotted together.

The video was shared online by Zubby Michael.

This comes after Hank took a long hiatus from the movie industry.

Hanks Anuku is a Nigerian-Ghanaian actor. He often stars as a villain in many Nollywood films. As of 2017, Anuku was naturalized and became an American.

Hank was once rumored to be dead, a claim he debunked.

The movie star in a series of videos shared via his Instagram page on Monday, June 22, 2020, said those behind the rumours will be perplexed and disappointed.

“I am Hank Anuku Nollywood Actor n I’m Alive. My haters r dead n Jesus Christ is my deliverer n he liveth. Poisonous press vipers on prowl but they shall b perplexed n disappointed in Jesus’s name Amen. 1love fans,” he said.

Anuku also called on the public to disregard the rumours about his death, adding that those wishing him evil would “be clothed with evil.”

“I am live. Don’t listen to the poisonous press vipers. God is in charge of my life. But the end of the wicked must be certain, that’s what God told me.”