‘Why a police officer will profile you as a criminal — Psquare’s brother, Jude Okoye reveals

'Why a police officer will profile you as a criminal — Psquare's brother, Jude Okoye reveals

Following the disbandment of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police Force , popular Nigerian music video director and brother of sensational singers, Psquare, Jude Okoye has revealed the reasons why the Nigerian police will always profile an innocent person as a criminal.Taking to Instagram to make this revelation, Jude wrote “The police don’t profile you a criminal because you just “look different” No. they do because “looking different” is a lifestyle and lifestyle costs money. Meaning you have money they can extort. Period!”

See how Nigerians are reacting to this;

grey_ccy wrote “Please read and understand before insulting him, he is saying they profile us by our looks and go ahead to extort us which is still wrong thing to do”

sandi_cious wrote “This is very correct. Flashy cars, luxury phones and clothes attracts them cos they know what they stand to gain from you. Nonsense people”

__iam.angelina wrote “Exactly……the police are poor set of people so seeing youths that looks and dress more than them is what makes them angry……silly set of humans”

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