This Two Countries Have The Most Powerful Hackers In The World, US Not Included

This discussion is based on the countries with the most sophisticated and intelligent hackers, and not based on numbers.

The first country that should be mentioned when it comes to hacking power is Russia. Russia may not have too many hackers like China and America, but the few ones they have are very intelligent and powerful. One of Russia’s latest and popular hacking history was during the 2016 US Presidential election which led to the exposure of Hillary Clinton’s email. This hacking power of Russia evokes fears of rigging the upcoming U.S Presidential elections by Russian hackers. They are not many, but they are dangerous. Though relatively small, it is estimated that about 4.3% of the global hacking attack traffic is generated from Russia. Russian hackers are famous worldwide and have a record for attacking most secure networks like those of Google, Facebook, and Apple. They penetrate the impenetrable. The hacking onslaught of Russia also hit Estonia and Georgia in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

Another country that needs special gun salute in hacking is China. Ask any cyber professional and they would tell you about China in hacking. In fact, in order to gain superiority over other countries in cyberspace, China has promoted cyber security as a culture thereby having a fairly good cyber literacy among its educated youth. This has also led to an increase in cybercrime and rise in the number of cyber criminals. According to various estimates 41% of the world’s cyber attacks have their genesis in China. It is believed that organized hacker networks are run in China which are supported by People’s Liberation Army of China. The purpose is to mostly hack in U.S govt networks and those of its allies. Have you asked yourself, why is it that any products the US companies want to launch, the Chinese version of the products are always in the market before the official launching of the products by the Original company? Chinese people hack the US systems often. That’s why Obama’s regime signed an anti-hacking agreement with the government of China which has, to some extent, minimized cyber attacks on the US from China.


  1. I hate it when the name China and Russia are mentioned but you have to give them credit. They are good in hacking and Indians too have alot of mad persons in that area as well

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