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Date: 10th July 2020


The top life tips that we should be informed about?

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Life is our own ,we all walk out own paths and need guidelines the help us.whst are the main life tips we should be made aware of, that will help us in our journey?
I will provide this useful thing to look out for ,
1. Realize that nobody cares .and if they do ,you shouldn’t care that they care . Got a new car? No body cares. You ‘ll get some gawkers for a couple of weeks_they don’t care they are curious. Three weeks in it ‘ll be just another shiny blob Among all the thousands of others crawling down the freeway and sitting in garages and driveways up and down your street.people will care about your car just as much as you care about all of those. Got a new gewgaw ? New wardrobe? Went to a swanky restaurant? Exotic Vaca? Nobody cares. Don’t Base your happiness on people caring, because they won’t.and il they do, they either want your stuff or hate you for it.


The top life tips that we should be informed about? - veekismartz - 5:06 pm


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