Steps in Establishment of Fish Pond

Site selection, survey of land, cleaning and stumping of site, construction of dam near the stream, construction of care trench, construction o fb spillway, impoundment of pond, fertilization, pond inoculations and living.

Kinds of Ponds

1 Nursery
2 Hatching
3 Rearing
4 Growing Ponds

Fishing tools include baskets, hook, lines, nets, traps, electro-fishing, ultrasonic, impacting, pond draining, trawlers etc.

Preservation of Fish

The following ways are useful in fish prevention:

1 Sun drying
2 Smoking
3 Salting
4 Refrigeration
5 Canning
6 Preparation into fish meal and drying

Note: In order to protect or prevent the extinction of fishes in our open water and to ensure regular supply, fishery regulation are put in place by government.


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