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Date: 10th July 2020


Sponsored Post For July 9, 2020

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Immiguy will be updating her Policy and also her Terms of Service. We took this decision because of the just concluded Activities payment.

Many members complain of not getting paid from the just concluded activities payment, we are sorry.

With this new update every member who complies with it will surely get paid.

I will make it brief and short, please read careful;

Our registration fee has been reduced to ₦1600. Referral gets ₦1000. This update will take place as from today dated July 9, 2020.

We will be paying our referral earner the minimum of ₦3000 i.e 3 referrals. So to be eligible to request for your referral bonus, you need to have the minimum of ₦3000 as your referral earnings.

Activities earners gets ₦5000 every 2 weeks (referral is compulsory) i.e for you to be eligible, you need to acquire the total sum of 10000 activities earnings (Funds) and one referral. 10000 funds will be deducted and one referral from your account and your money will be paid immediately.

We no longer pay from the highest to the lowest. Once you meet up with the requirement you get paid.

There will also be a little change in how we earn on Immiguy Income Program.

  1. Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of ₦500
  2. Reading News earn you ₦5 (20 news daily)
  3. Commenting on News ₦5 (20 news daily)
  4. You Earn ₦50 when you submit a post (one post per day will be approved, write a good and educational article for it to be approved).
  5. You Earn  ₦50 for Sharing  our Daily Sponsored Post (Compulsory) Twice a week.
  6. And Earn ₦1000  for Referral Bonus.

Next Activities Earnings withdrawal is July 23rd, 2020. We came up with this Update to serve our members better and make sure every one who meet up with the requirements get paid. No more stories

Our dream is to Turn Lives Around. Together We Can Keep this Dream Alive.



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