Reasons Why We Should Stop Bathing With Our Wife


As they say and we do hear, marriage is sweet when it is new. When a couple, I mean and a woman just get married, the love still seems genuine and everlasting. But as it goes on and on, the love has a higher probability to depreciate. Yeah, everyone wants a romantic partner, and there are so lots of ways we can show that they do love each other.

It may be nice and sweet for spouses to be open with each other and not hide anything from each other. At the same time, one mustn’t be too open. There should be at least some privacy, even if it’s just a little of it. This privacy should even be included in couples taking their bath together.

Let me tell you some of the reasons why you should stop bathing with your partner;

1. Having to bath with each other makes you get too used to each other. You will get tired of seeing each other’s body sooner than you expected. It will just look as if one is watching the same movie everyday of one’s life, one will get tired of it.

2. Also, as far as privacy is concerned, it is better not to bath together. Everyone of us needs a silent place to think about our lives. Most people finds it easier to think under shower than in every other place. Give your partner some time to think alone. You don’t need to follow them all the time, free them. They may not want to tell you but they may be keeping it to themselves, who knows?

3. What’s the essence of bathing together if you will still have to come back tk take your bath again? Your partner can’t bathe you the way you will bathe yourself. They won’t wash those intimate areas like you would do to yourself. Then at the end of you notice some parts is not properly washed, and you rush back to the bathroom. That’s a waste of time of time, it’s also stressful.

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