PEOPLES TALK: demolition of NIGERIA high commission building in Ghana(2).

2′ People Talk: Demolition of Nigeria High Commission buildings in Ghana (2)

ON JULY 3, 20205:03

“Ghanaians are ungrateful because when they ran into economic problems, Nigeria rescued them. So, they ought to be grateful to Nigerian for this.

“I see no reason for Ghanaians to be hostile to us simply becuase we are the Giant of Africa.” — Efe Emokido, Student

“Nigeria is referred to as the giant of Africa, but our deeds and actions do not portray us as one. Look at the hatred countries like Lybia and South Africans are developing towards us and we keep silent.

“Ghanaians did that becuase they know that nothing tangible will be done by our leaders.” — Ayo Ayinla, Trader

“I am still astonished at the audacity the so called businessman had to invade the property of the Nigerian government. What do you expect when our government is toying with the lives and property of her citizens?

“Do you expect other countries to take us serious?” — Emmanuel Bernard, Student. This is a serious international shame and we have been having similar experience in Libya, South Africa, China and now Ghana.

“The attack was state-sponsored and the Ghanaian Government was complacent to say the least. Let’s not forget we have some history with them.” — Goodnews Epelle, Engineer.
We should not be hostile to ourselves no matter the circumstance.” — Olaide Oyewole, Analyst

“It should be clearly stated that it is an insult to Nigeria and whatever diplomatic ties we shared with Ghana. As a sovereign state, Nigeria, through her Foreign affairs ministry needs to go tough on the Ghanaian government, not really a sanction but a sound warning to aviod reoccurence.” — Aluko Ahmad, Analyst.


  1. First was xenophobic attack by the south Africans against Nigerians,then it came the discrimination of Nigerian business men in Ghana,now this..though i won’t totally blame them just like u have said,we are also at fault due to how low we have brought ourselves as a country in the eyes of the foreigners

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