Only God could have done this! I woke up with swollen face…

Only God could have done this! He gave out his bus and got two big cars...

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I prepared the dinner myself. It was my regular meal of beans.I went to bed only to wake up with swollen face.It was not a small swelling. I went to the hospital,  with my head fully covered.

 I was given several injections and admitted  at the emergency unit of the hospital for 6hours for thorough observations.There was no change I told the doctor that there was no problem  and I should be left to myself . I wanted to go home.This is because I had hoped that the hospital was my last  place to get solution before people began to suggest other things.I got home and spoke to the Lord that I  was then back to Him.

I picked the anointing oil blessed in the church service one day and rubbed it on my face and also applied it on my lips as lipstick balm.I began to converse with the Lord , reminding Him of the Thanksgiving service in the church which I had to attend because I had never been absent in the church service.

Besides I had an interview to attend the Monday after. What do I do Father ?I went back to the hospital just to check the level of the health status.I was told it was an alllergy.

To them , I was reacting to some allergies whose symptoms as swollen face , kills instantaneously. It was further stated that the whole system of my body had broken down. Reason for the swollen face. Nothing medically could  be done But  my God delivered me  , preserved me and cleared all the traits  of the affliction from meI give God all the glory.

The affliction came suddenly and by the mercy of God went back suddenly within days.

Thank You Lord Jesus for the great deliverance.I bless Your holy name