OAP, Toolz has a message for parents who name their children ‘Endurance’

OAP and presenter, Tolulope Oniru popularly known as Toolz took to twitter to pass a message across to parents who name their children Endurance.

According to the mother of two, she does not understand the idea behind parents giving their children the name Endurance.

‘Why do people keep calling their children ‘Endurance’ – what are they supposed to come to this earth to endure?’ she tweeted.

See how some social media users reacted to her tweet below;

@sex.pleasurez wrote “You see, y’all don’t know the difference between ENDURANCE and TOLERANCE. If you know the difference and how it should be applied, you’d know that ENDURANCE is progressive while TOLERANCE is retrogressive. The initial leads to success, the latter leads to pain. I won’t have a reason to name my child endurance but I know it’s a virtue.”

@cute_seun wrote “Endurance does sound like suffering”

@fashion_magicblog wrote “What you believe works for you they might have their own interpretation to the name”

@haroldwrites wrote “More often than not, African parents name their children based on the experience of the parents. In this case, the name “endurance” is more of a reflection of the parents’ experience than that of the child.”

@ChikaUgwu17 wrote “hmmm…are you saying you don’t know endurance is a virtue. Is the world filled with such nice people? Endurance is why we do not harm those who betray or offend us. You have heard of the normal vicissitudes of life. Endurance is a must. It’s not a bad name. Its a virtue.”