New Year Resolution: No more alcohol in 2021 – Nazareth Jesse

Fair and beautiful Nollywood actress  Nazareth Jesse, has vowed to quit her alcoholic intake as part of her New Year Resolution.

The delectable TV Girl whose knack for role interpretation has made her name popular in Nollywood told Sun News, “This 2021, I want to be better than who I was in 2020, by doing more of the things that make me happy. I need to stop putting myself into unnecessary pressure like I used to. I’m also praying for a total turnaround; I want to settle down and start my own family. One bad habit I want to quit is to stop taking alcohol. I am always messed up whenever I take it. I also intend to stop trusting so much on people.”

Speaking further, the Extreme Measure movie star added, “For my relationship goals, I want to give more listening ears to my partner, to keep away from unnecessary friends and to also explore new ideas that will bring more knowledge and understanding in my affairs.”
Nazareth Jesse hopes to see her industry excel this New Year,

“Nollywood will be the talk of the world this 2021 because lots of filmmakers are more enlightened than before. We also have new entrepreneurs coming to shake the world with lots of skills and knowledge in filmmaking,” she quipped.