Never watch these movies

1) Twentynine Palm

David, an American photographer, and his Russian girlfriend Katia are scouting locations for an upcoming photo shoot. During the day, they drive through some of the wildest, most bizarre desert landscapes, but their luck begins to run out.

2) Come Inside Me

… mansion as location, memorable from its use in that Nica Noelle film for “Sweet Sinner” shot 3 years earlier.

3) Zid

Maya falls in love with Ronnie, a crime reporter, and gets obsessed with him. Things take a turn for the worse when they both get involved in a murder case.

4) Let’s get nasty

In fact, halfway through the movie (or for that matter, at about the time that HAL started getting nasty), she looked over … Please let’s go.

please, don’t ever try to watch these movies when your parents are around.


    • Those that are into the habit of watching horror movies can watch them

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