My husband and children are extremely lucky – Toke Makinwa brags about how God made her

Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

Popular Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa, has taken to social media to brag about how God created her.

Toke talked about her future husband and kids and how they will ‘enjoy’ their lives because of how she was created.

Toke Makinwa took to popular micro blogging platform Twitter and wrote:

“The plans God shared with me about my life…. if you know my husband, tell him Congratulations ahead, he is so lucky and blessed that God saved the best for him, My kids too are extremely lucky because God took the time to mold me, break me, fix me and make me whole again.”

In another post, Toke advised ladies not to forget to pray for themselves as they pray for a nice man.

She wrote:

“Ladies..most especially young ladies pls as you are praying for a man that has his shit together, whatever that means to you. (Money,security,etc), pls pray for your pocket too, get your own shit in order too. No one wants a liability, it get some kind insult you want to avoid”

“A lot of women that supposedly married rich won’t tell you how hard it is when you are solely dependent on your partner for everything, a lot of them are stuck accepting BS. See everyone wants to enjoy but it’s nice when you bring value, when your partner knows that you get too.”

“Abeg ladies start saving too, buy shares too, buy property if it’s your thing, stand solid or at least try, a man with money is the icing on the cake and not the entire dough.”