Mercy Eke clears air after ‘bashing fans’ who stay at home to watch BBNaija show

I'm too busy to stay at home like you - Mercy Eke tells BBNaija fans about this (VIDEO)

BBNaija 2019 winner, Mercy Eke has cleared the air on a video purportedly showing her bashing fans of the popular reality TV show which made her a million.

The video had shown her saying she doesn’t know anything about the current BBNaija housemates because, unlike fans who sit at home watching the show, she has better things to do for herself. Watch the video below.

This led to a backlash which forced her to clear the air on her statement.

Mercy Eke tweeted: “I was talking to those who were tarnishing my image on Twitter because I decided to stay neutral

“I love all housemate equally, and everyone knows I’m a thankful person your narrative will never change my personality.

“For those who already knew that the clip was edited short without any shalaye thank you for knowing me”.