Lady cries bitterly after a navy officer allegedly assaulted her and her family for insulting his mother

Navy officer beats up woman

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to cry out bitterly after a Navy officer beat up her family for insulting his mother.

She took to popular micro blogging platform, Twitter to share photos and wrote:

“What manner of cruelty is this?”

“27th of December, 2020 was the Dark Day for the family of Mrs. Esther Bassey when one Victor Owonam, a naval officer ranked as Able Seaman & his sister, Peace Owonam also of the Navy for a slight altercation between their mother and the above named widow, Mrs. Esther Bassey”

“Mother of 3 ladies & a son, we were at home when a loud noise and wailing was heard in the yard threatening my family that, ‘he’ll clear our doubts’, ‘blood will flow’, ‘i will deal with u’ and so on… About 15mins later, he trooped in with some guys,”

“one with army Camouflage and navy vest, three others on mufty and locked the main gate to the compound. They moved straight to Victor’s mom and inquired, ‘madam, which of them was insulting you’?”

“She pointed at my elder whom we call Senior and without knowing what happened descended on her punching, flogging my helpless sister and extended to the entire family beating us mercilessly when tried stopping them from maiming my sis and even brought out a military jack knife.”

“When we forced ourselves out of the compound, the the naval daughter, Peace laid siege on the street and confronted us with beatings whipping with cables. I was able to get across to the Airforce Team for rescue.”

“The team met her still clamping down on me for reason of calling them. She and her naval brother got my peaceful and quiet sis who had surgery about 6months ago naked on the street to glare and amazement of everyone.”

“We were then taken away to Airport Police Station by the Airforce Team. We had to incident report with the Police and returned home. As we’re reflecting on what happened and treating those who were severely brutalized, at about 10p.m.”

“Victor Owonam went & reinforce up to 8 military personnel of Operation Akpakwu, a Security Outfit in Calabar with vehicle no.3032 who violently broke into our burglary proof, forced their way into our living room & put us in into d van to unknown destination in d dark of d night”

“We were all put in a stagnant gutter with a stench where hausa men used to dispose spoils from cow meat in Bogobiri area of Calabar. While in the gutter, they were collecting dirty water in containers pouring on us, flogging us with wires/electric cables.”

“Even in our helplessness and crying for help and my sister bleeding, they never had mercy until the wee hours of the morning, about 2.30a.m. that they left us and went away.”