Is immiguy stable?

There are a lot of money making platforms,but the problem is you don’t know which one is legit or fake, they all might appear to be real at first but by the time you sign in and invest, you’ll realize that you’ve been duped and scammed,well i can’t say the same for immiguy, immiguy appears to be a real and legit platform,i just joined this platform about a month ago thought i haven’t made any withdrawals yet and i haven’t yet learnt everything about the platform. The main question is how stable is immiguy, a lot of people do complain about several changes being made all the time first was migration,then change in policy etc.. Although there might be a good purpose for these changes,the admin should know what he’s doing right, it’s left for us the members to comprehend with these change and make the most out of it. I just hope that no matter what changes are being made it shouldn’t affect the smooth running of the platform.