Information to those who have successfully done N-power batch C registration

Hello, everyone. It is me, your favourite N-power updates provider, Obadan. Please before you continue reading, click on the follow button so you can stay in touch with the latest in terms of N-power related news.

Now, down to business, I have an important information which I would really be glad you read. This information is for those who have successfully registered for the Batch C N-power program. This piece of information has a purpose and the purpose is to sensitive successfully registered applicants on what to do as they await the shortlisting period. If you are a successfully registered applicant, you might want to take these things into account.

★ Ensure your email is functional
After you have successfully registered, make sure your email remains functional. By functional, I mean your email must be easily accessible, free from accessibility problem and must be yours.

Why is this important? This is important because N-power would continue to provide useful information to you though your email and if it is not functional, you might have problems getting easy and quick access to emails.

Also, make sure you are always checking on your mails. Check the primary inbox and the spam likewise. You never know where N-power may send your message to.

★ Your mobile must be internet enabled
Get an Android phone or at least a phone that makes internet accessing simple. This is very important as most information would be passed to you through the internet. That was one of the reasons why I told you to follow me, Obadan. I often provide regular updates on N-power and the news may actually get through to you by means of my reporting.

Ensure you stay up to date with news. Always check up on the latest by constantly reading news on Opera News. It is important.

★ Get a friend/acquaintance who is very current
This might be just what you need. Get a friend who is current in N-power related news. When this friend or acquaintance of yours gets a whiff of news relating to N-power, he or she would immediately alert you. Also, make sure you let them know that you are always willing to hear what they have to share.

★ Keep on praying
Finally, keep on praying. Don’t stop praying for favour. This would go a long way in helping you to not make mistakes or get misinformed or even lose the chance to be shortlisted. Make sure you are always praying. It is just as important as the first three things I have mentioned