Importance of friendship

Friendship is one of the best relationship one has, a true friendship is a unique bond, whoever has this bond is truly lucky. Friendship is important in so many ways, but I’ll just mention a few.

The love from a true and caring friend gives u strength, even when you’re weak,feeling depressed,sad etc when you think of that true friend or when he or she comes along, their presence alone gives u the strength to move on,face your challenges and overcome.

When you have a true friend and you recognize him/her,you’ll never be bothered about the world, so far that one friend of your’s appreciates you for everything you’ve got.

You feel happy knowing that he or she is there and will always be there to support u when your in need,when you’re emotionally down,they’ll be there for you also when you’re physically down, they’ll help you out in the best way they can,all these makes you feel good,better,complete,happy and cherished as a person.

Honestly true friendship comes with a bond and love that’s unconditional.. Hope we all get to have a true and really loving friends