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Date: 10th July 2020


If Your Want To Be Rich, Never Make These 6 Mistakes With Money

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Money is the medium through which earthly success is measure. Many people think money is scare but I tell you, it is not scare. You just lack the proper plan to acquire it. Money is delicate and there are some certain rules guiding it. If you want to be rich and successful, there is something more important that money which you need and that is financial intelligence. Without this, you whole money is a waste. Before you start looking for a means to acquire money, first look for financial education and the money your will acquire is safe. Please avoid making these money mistakes. 1.    Avoid spending all you earn This is one mistake most people have made that have kept them in poverty. The money you save is your own real money but that which you earn is not yet your money. Always save at least one tenth of whatever you earn. 2.    Control your budgets  According to Adams Smith “human wants are insatiable”. As humans, we all have wants and needs. Your needs are the pressing ones so rank them top of your scale of preference. Warren Buffet, one of the greatest investors of all time once said “if you buy things you don’t need, you will soon begin to sell things you need”. This single habit has made so many people broke so try and cut down your expenses. 3.    Save before spending Don’t always spend then save what is let but try and spend before saving. Once you fall into this trap, you will end up spending all your money with no savings.  4.    Find a means to invest Don’t always play it safe when it comes to money issue. Find a means and invest your money so that it grows. Investing will always back you up for the long term. Remember Warren Buffet became a billionaire worth $85  not by engaging in any business but simply investing at the right place at the right time. 5.    Never lend money to someone you close to you By this, I mean, never lend money to someone you cannot risk not paying back. You cannot lend money to your brother, parents or very close friend and take legal action if they refuse to pay back. You can just give them money but when you lend them, you are at a risk already.  6.    Never suttee someone you are not sure of financially Don’t go and put your signature to guarantee someone financially when you can’t pay the debt on their behalf. These mistakes have put a lot of people into problems today. Wealth and success is not something you make with the notion of “ money must be made” but you attract it by who you become in the process. Acquire financial intelligence, work hard and see money coming your way.


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