‘If you found out how some people make their money, you’d stop being so hard on yourself’ – BBNaija Vee

Big Brother Naija season 5 ex-housemate, Victoria Adeyele popularly known as Vee took to her official Twitter page to talk about how desperate people can be for money.

According to Vee, people do a lot of bad things for money, thereby making the honest hardworking people think they are not doing the right thing. She, however, advised her fans and followers on the platform to stop being hard on themselves and be patient instead.

‘If you found out how some people make their money, you’d stop being so hard on yourself. Be patient’ she tweeted.

See how some of her fans are reacting to this;’

@O_Seyi7 wrote “We are in a Age where people are only concerned about if you have “arrived” but not bothered to know the “route” you came through.. Many aren’t interested in the “process”, all they want is the “outcome”. And if your “process” takes longer than necessary, you will be derided.”

@AbimbolaObafem1 wrote “Exactly dear,I don’t beat myself down because someone who is my mate or not up to my age is already making it big,I rejoice with their success and pray to God to elevate me and bless my hustle too,time to dey beef or feel bad ooo, celebrate others so you can also be celebrated.”

@KonaduRose wrote “It’s always great to live within your means and not to flex to the world cos at the end of the day you’ve got only yourself to impress and in anything whether good or bad the consequences falls on you and your loved ones and if good affects others”

@brianshilayi wrote “True , we are to live within one’s limit and life , other wise you may exadulate your life and at the end of it you start regretting why you did that. All things must be in hands of the Almighty God. Amen.”

@KonaduRose wrote “Patience is always a virtue, making legitimate money feels good when you’re enjoying by beating your chest proudly”