Hushpuppi’s from Grass to Grace and back to Grass

Alleged international fraudster, Ramoni Abass aka Hushpuppi, once sold second-hand clothes on the streets of Lagos State, British newspaper, Daily Mail, has reported.

The report read in part, “Mr Abbas started out as a secondhand-clothes trader in Lagos before claiming to be a billionaire property developer in Dubai.”

There were reports by some of his old friends that his father was a taxi driver in Nigeria.

Hushpuppi was arrested in Dubai last month for allegedly diverting over half a billion dollars from private accounts through a series of fraudulent activities.
After his arrest, his ill gotten wealth was Confiscated by the United Arab Emirates.
He alongside others were subsequently extradited from the United Arab Emirates to the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation to face further charges.
Prior to his arrest, Hushpuppi has been a brand that reeks everything Luxury. His luxury has made a lot of people to look him up on search engines, wondering how he made his billions. Hushpuppi has used his alleged ill gotten wealth to intimidate a lot of people, including Dr Kemi, the controversial Journalist who asked for his help, but he turned her down insisting she apologise to Linda Ikeji.


  1. Money that wasn’t gotten in a right way,
    You won’t know how it disappeared.

  2. Wealth gotten by duping shall be diminish,but he that gathereth byvlabour shall prosper

  3. If u want to make money and be rich through the wrong means,that money will not last and u will end up regretting it for the rest of your life

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