How to Make Liquid Laundry Soap \ All You Need to Know

Liquid laundry ‘soap’ is a detergent used to assist in laundry. It is usually a highly foaming mixture of surfactants with low skin irritation. It is primarily used for washing clothes. The reduced surface tension of laundry water and increasing solubility of modern surfactant mixtures allows the water to run off the washing machine very quickly. As detergents, liquid soap tends to be more effective than flake soap and tends to leave less residue on clothes and surface ( example wash basins). Liquid laundry soap also works better for more traditional known machine washing method such as using a wash board.

Recipe for the production of liquid laundry soap
1. Taxapon – 1cup
2. Light Ash – 1cup
3. Sodium lauryl sulphate- 1cup
4. Pac R/Nitrosol/Antisol – 1cup
5. Formalin -1/2cup
6. Caustic soda – 2tablespoons
7. Sulphonic acid – 1/2 bottle
8. Perfume(lemon) – 10cl
9. Colour (green) – as desired
10. Water – 15litres
11. Industrial starch – a pinch

Soak Pac R industrial starch in 8 litres of water for 24hours. Stir very well until mixture becomes homogenous. Add the taxapon and stir very well, add sulphonic acid, continue stirring. Put caustic soda and light Ash in a different container, stir vigorously until properly dissolve and put it into the Pac R mixture. Add SLS and stir, add formalin, add colour and perfume. Package and sell.

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