How to ace your next interview


There are things that we do that subconsciously train us.

When I say Subconsciously, I mean those trainings might be going on without our realizing it, but of course when needed, they show up.

I just got off an interview with a financial institution and I feel great.

Although I haven’t landed the job and there’s no guarantee that I will but the feeling I got from answering questions correctly is second to none.

Two years ago, I would never want to attend interviews, the fear alone is enough to make me want to pee.

Whenever I did, I usually sounded out of sorts.

But on this occasion, it was so seamless, it got to a point where one of the interviewers had to stop asking questions and started interacting with me as though we were colleagues.


How did I go from a scared out of sorts person to a confident ‘ I can answer all your questions’  type of person?


Yes growth and then grace.

Did you see what I did there?

I meet a lot of people who think that they can just pray things to be or wish things to be without working for it.

The success you’re seeking have not seen the right version of you that can handle it (paraphrasing Apst. Joshua Selman’s quote).

While grace can lift you, your growth must be commiserate with the level you seek else you will be downsized.

Personally I grew myself subconsciously and consciously and I’m still doing that of course.

I attended free and paid classes, asked questions, read books and articles and now they’re paying off gradually.

If you want to predictably and intentionally acquire success or hit your goals next year, you must do need thing consistently, .

Attend those WhatsApp classes you know you need, pay to attend those conferences, seminars, etc that will build your network and by extension your net worth.

Whether you already have a job or are looking for one or are a business owner, .

❗: This is not a post that gives you tips on how to ace interviews, it is one that tells you how to ace life goals.

The heading was just to get you to read.

Compliments of the season.

By Anthony Chukwubuikem Madumere

Anthony Chukwubuikem Madumere