How It Works

Immiguy Income is a leading online forum which focuses on discussions regarding our dear African continent and the world at large. In addition to news discussions we pay our active members for contributing to the forum. and those who refer others to our forum with their referral links.

This helps an average African earn passive income for being active on the forum. Each active member can earn up to ₦5000 weekly on this forum.

An online program driven by a goal of solving the financial problems among the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning opportunity and making money online legitimately in Nigeria as it creates the channel for participant to earn residual income on daily basis.

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How To Earn On Immiguy Income.

Description Earning
Referral Referring a member to the forum ₦1,000.00
Registration Once you Successfully Registered ₦500.00
Post Make a well structured post once approved by moderators ₦50.00
Read News Reading News ₦5.00
Comment Making a comment on a post ₦5.00
Get Comment Your post receives a comment ₦2.00
Sponsored Post Share Sponsored Post (Twice a Week) ₦50.00
Viral Post Share Share Viral Post (Thrice a Week) ₦50.00
Daily Login Free daily bonus for logging in everyday ₦20.00

Referral get paid within 15 minute with the minimum of ₦3000. While Non-referral is paid every 2 weeks with the minimum of 10,000 funds. Members can track their earnings from their dashboard.

To become a member of Immiguy Income and start enjoy all this goodies, you need to register with a sum of ₦1600, after that you won’t be ask to pay any amount again.

We have two form of payment:-

  • Online Payment
  • Coupon Code

How To Buy A Coupon Code.

Buying of coupon code is another means of making payment, you contact our Legit Merchant to make your payment and your coupon code will be awarded to you in 5 minutes. Contact our merchant to get you Coupon Codes Here.

You can make ₦3000 daily and up-to ₦50,000 Monthly on Immiguy Income Program. Daily Payment is GUARANTEED.

Happy Earning.

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