How I managed to discovered my Rapping career episode 2


To my brothers and sisters in the hood I pray we all have a good testimony to share 🙏

The continueties of my stories

After making the strong move
I now realize that I am meant to be a Rapper, on the way to grateness, alots challenges came my way but I managed to overcamed it all, my first show was in one birthday party in my local area .
I was some how nervous back than , because I haven’t been holding microphone before,
And so many people were gathering listening to what am about to say ,
As a young boy that knew nothing about the music industry I managed to closed my eyes and do my possible best to delivered all the songs in me, right from day one. but to God be the glory people show me love ❣️ and that is when I knew I was reading to do this and I can do it and I must do it as well, to cut the long story short . Let meet in the next Episode 🙏

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