How I managed to discover my Rap Career

Hey ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to clear you off, how I discovered my Rapping career, I was ten years own when I started listening to hip hop songs most expecially rapping aspect. Although never knew there is something called Rap ,I was just a small boy wondering how could they being using one word to form three to four lines in a songs, i was surprised. But right from that moment I knew there is more things about that so called songs I used to listened to,so I started practicing on my own , like singing #Dagreen songs with #Olamide, gradually I discovered that have been able to compose one or two things, out my personal stuff, I’m shocked when a friend of mine told me that, why can’t I get my self one big note , and use it for rap only, than I take the strong decision then ,
Sorry continue…….


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