Health Benefits of Soursop

Fruit, leaves, bark and root of this plant are useful.

The fruit is eaten fresh or made into juice. The leaves are used for Tea.
It is very medicinal although it is not common.
It provides various nutrients including vitamins C and B as well as minerals: calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

Its use
Traditionally, the fruit and leaves of the tree are used to relieve digestive ailments
Like: hypertension, inflammation, fever, pain, asthma, Ulcers, diabetes, cancer and many more.

You can use the leaves for tea or boil and drink the water when it gets cold or warm. It has immediate calming action for Nervous disorder and Insomnia. It should not be taken by children as it could be toxic for them.

The fruits and leaves contain natural compounds that is potentially beneficial for cancers, although more scientific studies are needed.

Studies have shown that the plant’s active ingredients possess antioxidant, anticonvulsant, Anti-arthritic, anticancer, Anti-malarial, liver protective and Anti-diabetic effects. You see? This plant is very medicinal.
Soursop extracts is very effective for treating gastric ulcers.