Dj Cuppy’s Offers 1Million Naira The Craziest Jellof Rice Challenge – See 15 Crazy Images

Dj Cuppy Jellof Rice challenge, which was tagged #JellofOnTheJetChallenge went crazy after Dj Cuppy ask her Cup cake (fans) to make a video challenge of themselves eating Jellof Rice in the craziest place.

This started after the artist told her fans that she will be on a strictly jellof rice diet for 2 weeks, and she says it will be exciting.

She has also promised her fans 1 Millon Naira to the winner of the challenge with no runner up.

To have a chance of winning, all people have to do is to post a video of them eating Jollof rice in as many crazy places as possible on her twitter account @cuppymusic and @JolloyJollof using #JellofOnTheJetChallenge

The one million Naira tag made fans go crazy in a bid to win the prize. The winner of the challenge will be announced at @JollyJellof twitter account.

See 15 crazy photos of people as they eat their jellof rice.

1.Dj Cuppy eating her Jellof rice on the floor.

2. This guy was eating His rice in front of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital.

3. This Lady’s plate was literally floting on sewage as she ate her jellof rice.

4. This guy ate his jellof rice as he crossed the road.

5. What will DJ Cuppy give to this lady? This is almost unbelievable.

6. This lady was eating her Jellof rice from a nylon bag inside a tricycle.

7. This guy should not just fall into the water, hope he knows how to swim.

8. I can’t tell what this guy is on, be he should not fall.

9. This guys decided to add a swag to theirs.

10. This guy ate his rice with his bare hands while running.

11. This lady ate hers in front of a pit toilet.

12. This guy decided to eat his own in a tree.

13. This guy ate his jellof with Pepsi biside overhead tank, please don’t fall, your life is worth more than 1M.

14. This got me laughing, these children ate their rice while dancing to the jellof rice music.

15. The last but not the least, is a young man eating his jellof in a pile of bin.

Copyright; Please note that all images are screenshots from videos posted on twitter at Dj Cuppy’s official account, and #JellofOnTheJetChallenge.

Which number gave you goosebumps? For me it’s number 3 the lady on street gutter, Leave a comment down below,

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