COVID19: These countries have reopened schools.

Other countries of the world also closed down schools as a way of breaking the chain of coronavirus transmission.

Four months after, the virus is still spreading like wild fire having infected about 40,000 Nigerians with about 1000 fatalities, that’s the official figure, unofficial figure could be higher.

What the government of Nigeria doesn’t want you to know as they continue to keep schools closed is that most of the countries of the world have reopened schools without any major escalations.The government doesn’t want you to know that highly populated countries such INDONESIA and CHINA have safely reopened schools for in-person classes, in one way or the other, while INDIA has announced date for reopening, some states like Maharashtra have partially reopened.

JAPAN, ISRAEL, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AFRICA and the whole of EUROPEAN UNION’S 28 COUNTRIES have reopened schools, one may be poised to ask if Nigerian’s coronavirus is different from that of these countries that have re-opened schools?