Actress Doris Ogala speaks on being jealous of Uche Elendu’s achievement

Uche Elendu celebrates 34th birthday
Uche Elendu celebrates 34th birthday
Uche Elendu

Actress Doris Ogala has opened up on the ongoing drama between herself and colleague, Uche Elendu.

It would be recalled that the duo locked horns last week when Ogala claimed that Elendu lied about the scope of her shop that was destroyed during the looting that attended the #EndSARS protests. 

Asked if she’s jealous of Uche Elendu, “Ogala also denied insinuations that she is jealous of Elendu. She added, “How can I be jealous of someone I used to give money and shop for? I laugh when people say I am hating on her. I drive a Mercedes Benz S550 car and her vehicle is not as expensive as mine.”

Ogala also said she’s not scared of veteran actress and evangelist, Eucharia Anunobi’s curses when she visited Elendu’s shop.
She said, “I am not worried about anything. They rained curses on themselves, not me. I am an ordained child of God. They are actually scared of me. While growing up, I watched Eucharia in movies and wanted to be an actress. However, she was not one of my role models. I did not like her personality because she looked fake. I have a lot of ‘dirty’ facts about her that I don’t want to disclose. Sometimes, I wonder why people listen to her preach. They were just trying to do damage control. It was only after I called out Uche that she posted the real picture of her shop. Some people may say I am insulting my elders but that is what happens to elders that don’t respect themselves.”

On whether she also tried talking to Elendu before her post, the actress said, “Why would I reach out to her? God forbid that I would do that. I really don’t want anything to do with her.  Some elders in Nollywood such as Ejike Asiegbu have become involved in the matter because what Uche did to me (in the past) affected everybody in Nollywood. It was very bad and evil. The elders want to investigate what happened and they would call everybody involved. I don’t want to talk about what she did on the pages of a newspaper but it was very bad. There was a time she sold a product (name withheld) to me and claimed it could do certain things which it didn’t. I have proof of everything I am accusing her of.”

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