4th January, 2021: All SSS3 Primary 6 And JSS3 Students Should Resume School Next Year (View)

Undoubtedly, till now, it still remains unbelievable that the final exams of SSS3, Primary 6 and JSS3 students will still be on postponment and students will have to be at home than their expected period of time from when the federal government withheld the operation of school in late March.

Even as this declaration is a measure taken by the federal government to check the spread of covid-19, students still did not expect that it will take this long.Coming to the look of things, in late March, the President Muhammadu Buhari in hand with the federal government declared school to be closed, then in the month June, President Buhari approved SSS3, Primary 6 and JSS3 students to be allowed to resume school and finally, this deliberate plan to allow SSS3 Primary 6 and JSS3 students to resume school was nullified by the federal government.

If these decisions of the federal government are to be discerned, it could be realised that there are two motives that the federal government had as one is reopening of school and the other is to ensure that students are are safe from the virus when they reopen school.

However, the daily increase in covid-19 cases and the fear that it may escalate more if school reopen has been daunting the courage of the Federal government in reopening school for SSS3 Primary 6 and JSS3 students, as it could be recollected that President Muhammadu Buhari had once commended the reopening of school for only SSS3, Primary 6 and JSS3 Students by giving out his approval to that.